A blog created in 2002 by chronically homeless man, Kevin Barbieux. Barbieux gives his personal insight into possible causes and cures of homelessness as well tells stories about his personal experiences with homelessness.
For an inside look at homelessness, read The Homeless Guy blog.
by rezmessing June 21, 2011
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Sandwich(es), preferably egg salad.
"I'm gonna stop by the Deli to pick up some Homeless Guy Bait"
by Corey Trevor May 8, 2006
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A homeless guy who is naked.
I did a good thing today.

I took a picture of this naked homeless guy on the train, and I was totally going to submit it to Subway Douchery, but then I thought about it, and, like, what if that was me? So, you know, I did the hero thing. I deleted the picture from my phone.

But sometimes I think I'll never be able to delete the sorrow from my heart.
by Stu Jones March 17, 2013
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Hugging someone, namely a date in halfassed way as to tell them they are not interested in another date or possibly ever seeing that person again.
Once in the parking lot she gave him a homeless guy hug because she wanted the date to be over quickly.
by HarvHarv October 14, 2007
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Having dangerous unprotected sex with homeless guys. Mostly done for charity.
I'm fucking homeless guys to boost up my resume for applying for a job at a local non profit.
by pinsandneedles October 7, 2009
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This term is most commonly reffered to the guy on the sidewalk off one of the exits out of a wal-mart parking lot. He carries with him a pathetic character, usually a dog, old clothes, a sack or backpack, and, lastly, a sign that sometimes has words spelled wrong, consisting of phrases such as Work for Money, Need Help (well duh!), or Need money for food (this is most common, and most likely means i need money to get alcohol or else i might sober and do something with my life). Most people, usually pass this person by, knowing he won't do anything but spend their money on beers at the tavern, and be back out on the sidewalk in a day or two. The real assholes just buy them food, and piss the homeless guy off.
I saw that Wal-Mart Homeless Guy out there again, and almost felt bad, but then i realized he has no motivation, and will buy drugs or alcohol, so I just decided to keep my money, and use it on things of accomplishment not pity.
by StraightGuyI January 14, 2009
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A stupid guy or girl usually named Jackson or nicknamed raker. These people are goofy enough to jump off a bridge onto cement.
Your Goofy ass bummy homeless guy is being really crazy. He keeps on asking to f my girl.
by Youngblood69@69.com May 28, 2022
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