Is a thriller book by Elizabeth Kostova.

The novel tells the story of a young girl who is looking for her father who mysteriously disappear. Before he disappear her father began to tell her a story about his years in college, and after he disappear she found the continuation of the story in letters from her father directed to her. The story was about both, her father and mother, looking for the historical Vlad the Impaler,Dracula, in a search that took them to Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria and Turkey.
At the end of the book she finds her father and mother,who found and killed Dracula.
librarian: "Hello Marcy."
student: " Hey, Mrs.Gibbs. I am looking for a book called The Historian, but i cant find it. Do you know if its interesting?"
librarian: " Oh, yeah. Its a marvelous book. Fallow me, I'll help you find it."
by maryankee July 26, 2008
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A student, archivist, and author of popular fiction. A quixotic hero. Eschews paradox in favor of imposing a coherent, and therefore false, narrative interpretation of the past. Still, without historians we would be even more clueless about our intellectual, political, social, and economic context. Historians create the narratives that shape our sense of heritage and our perception of "who we are." The study of history is therefore both futile and vital.
"Historian - a broad-gauge gossip." -Ambrose Bierce
"History does not repeat itself. Historians repeat each other." -Arthur Balfour
by Dusty Cioffi May 6, 2008
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the new master race of the world, despite what might have been said by the most loose ho in the history of the planet.
historians are cool, nikki is just jealous because she is a loose ho who likes to take it in the ass and partake in a spit roast. A 10 pint challenge indeed.
by Sam March 10, 2003
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gossips who tease the dead
"Did you see that historian just then? What a bitch, taunting Alexander Hamilton like that."
by Me me big pseudonym June 16, 2020
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historians for the purposes of the definition, shall be defined as sam, hereafter they shall also be known as sam.
the main reasons for this are as follows:
1. sams are geeks
2. sams deny the fact that they r no longer virgins, although it has only occured once it still happened.
3. they are loners
4. they read books too often and have to boast about the amount of work they have done, its uni! you dont do work!!!
5. they have no life
hence for these reasons, no bitch assd loner called sam can call me a ho!
historians can be so boring
y r all historians virgins?
y wont that historian shag me...
answer: once they've lost it once its impossible to shag them again, theyve had their quota
by Anonymous March 10, 2003
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you knnoowww historians
by chingaso.blu23 May 17, 2011
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ignore him. he's a historian. and called sam. therefore doubly worse!!!!
in fact, its 20 times better to be a ho as he so called calls one than a frigid historian
by Anonymous March 10, 2003
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