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The Hill School is a cover for a secret government facility. This mentally facility conducts experiments on teenagers. Newcomers to this mental facility are castrated in order to suppress their sexual desires. The punishment for holding hands with the opposite sex is to have the individual's hand surgically removed. Studies are also conducted in regards to the effects on youth when living in a virtually fun-free environment. The school's student led secret society, FHSS (Fuck Hill School Society), is an organization of students who wish to escape from this facility. However, all documented efforts to escape were futile. The Hill School never releases its patients. All individuals who claim himself as an alumni or past associate are government hired impostors.
Person: What happened to your genitals?
The Hill School patient: They got cut off.
by bringitonbitchezz November 14, 2010
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Founded in 1851 the Hill School, once an all boys boarding school, turned coed in 1997. Since the change the school mutated into a sick torture chamber of cruel an unusual punishment. Students enjoy a wide variety of sports, academics, and thinking up countless ways to end their lives. Free time at The Hill consists of a few precious minutes of sitting in your dorm room waiting for your life to start. Any attempts at having any fun whatsoever are futile, since the administration will find fault in even the most innocent of acts. You will be DC-ed or HC-ed and most likely suspended or kicked out. Thus ruining all your chances to get into a decent college. But don’t worry, maybe the team of highly trained college advisors will use their ties with those facilities of “higher education” such as West Chester University to get you back on track. The Hill School often characterized as a prison cell; most people would rather walk into on coming traffic than spend more than few hours in this hellhole. And those who do enjoy The Hill include in the 75% of the population who are complete and utter faggots.
by christina March 22, 2005
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An institution located in Pottstown, PA, the slum of America. Hill School prides itself on its tradition, such as having seated meals and mandatory chapel services at 10 in the morning on Sundays. What is funny is that they, the administation, only keeps the tradition that it seems sutiable running. Expamle: The weekend of prom is now closed, meaning no one can leave after prom. they have to sit in theyre rooms and rot. How joyous. Is it not a tradition to go out, get laid, high, and wasted all in the same night after prom? Hill School also believes that it is proper for males to keep their dicks in a jar untill they graduate and only recently did they accept girls. We kids however are fighting the system by getting high, getting drunk, and having sex, as much and as often as we can. Possibly one day the Nazi's that run this joint will understand that we are kids, not machines programed for excellence. But until then, I'll jsut get blazed to pass the time away.
Mother: How's school?
Kid: It blows.
Friend: How's school dude?
Kid: I don't know, I don't remeber that much of it, I'm stoned most of the time.
by Yours-truely May 02, 2005
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