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The Helicopter is a sex position that is extremely difficult to complete. A man with an erect penis must lay on a flat surface and a woman gets on top and inserts the erect penis in her vagina. The woman then must do a full split creating two 90 degree angles with her legs and body. The woman then must grab hold of a ceiling fan, or something similar, and have the ceiling fan spin her around on the man's penis. The helicopter has only been successfully completed 2 times on record. Once in Soviet Russia by a man named Mishovia Donkavist and a woman named Fitsa Removv. The second was completed by yours truly, bad_cactus, and a Donald Trump sex doll which I had to duct tape to the ceiling fan. Most attempts on record usually wind up dislocating the man's penis, or even worse, snapping it off completely.
Man: Babe, I want to try something crazy tonight

Woman: What is it?
Man: Let's try The Helicopter!
Woman: Are you sure!? Don't you know the risks?!
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by Bad Cactus June 16, 2017
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when a man takes off his clothes and begins thrusting his hips in such a way that his member begins to "swing" in circles like that of helicopter blades.
"I thought it would really turn her on if I were to do the helicopter, but it only resulted in alot of laughing on her part."
by cpt bu-na-na-na CHEEKS December 09, 2005
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The helicopter is a sexual position wherein the receiving party remains perfectly still while the giving party spins around in a complete circle, while remaining inserted.
"Hey baby, I bought a lot of lube, and if your willing, we can do The Helicopter"

"Oh honey, you are a true romantic!"
by Chupalo August 08, 2005
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the helicopter is a crazy ass sex position that should only be attempted with supervision of highly trained experts of the sex art. unless you're the expert.
The male is suspended in air my a rope that should be quite comfortable or you may be rope burned in unpleasant areas. the man is then spun to speeds of atleast 60 rpm (a single rotation per second)
the female is then supposed to be laid on a table, stool, etc. the male is than lowered and inserted into the females vagina. the sex position is finished when:
1) The male orgasms
2) The female orgasms
3) The male vomits

CAUTION: if this act of pleasure has any error in the process you may be inaccurate and piledrive a hole right through her belly button.
Guy: omfg dudeeeee.... me and stacy did the helicopter last night.....

Buddy: Haha dude me and carmen did that yesterday... amazing....

Guy: no dude.... we screwed up.... she's in that hospital getting her belly button stitched up
by ZakkyZebra February 22, 2010
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When you are having sex doggy style and you balance yourself without using your arms or legs and you spin around.
Ben: "Hey, Samantha, would you like me to give you 'the helicopter' ride?"

Samantha: "No, Ben, because last time your dick ripped off."
by mikeylyle February 20, 2007
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where the girl gets on her hands and knees, a man inserts his penis into the womans ass hole or vagina, and starts spinning around.
i almost threw up doing the helicopter to that blond last night.
by penguinsroc666 October 21, 2009
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