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The helicopter is a sexual position wherein the receiving party remains perfectly still while the giving party spins around in a complete circle, while remaining inserted.
"Hey baby, I bought a lot of lube, and if your willing, we can do The Helicopter"

"Oh honey, you are a true romantic!"
by Chupalo August 08, 2005
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Similar to Jungle Fever, Shanghai headache is the condition wherein a non-Asian (usually a white guy) obsesses over/primarily (or only) dates Asians. See also Asian Fever, Rice King, and Fanboy.
1: He must have a Shanghai Headache
2: Why do you say that?
1: Because of the way he always slows down passing the ESL room.
by Chupalo January 12, 2006
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Similar to the helicopter, The Blender is a sexual position wherein the giving party lays down with penis vertical and erect. The taker then inserts the penis in whatever oraphus they choose and spins on the dick with limbs up in the air mimicking the blades at the bottom of a conventional kitchen blender).
"Hey Travis, let's do The Blender, but this time, be sure to get your legs all the way up!"

"Well, there's nothing else to do"
by Chupalo August 08, 2005
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