What you call a Bucko straight outta Buckinghamshire that looks like a goat straight outta farm and just loves his sex toys.
Sham that Ben guy is such a Dildo goat
by Mr Spunk March 19, 2016
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When a man desires his partner sit on his face after a bowl movement, and cleanse their area with his beard.
He wallowed in the dirty goat she had given him as her thick fecal matter permeated his gray goatee painting it a rich brown masterpiece.
by Synaptic4Play March 21, 2021
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In the old days, the goat was known as a mammal, part of the Bovidae family. In modern days, the goat has evolved into the abbreviation, greatest of all time. When one is asked if they are a goat during a game of Valorant, they are wondering if you are a skilled and valuable player. If you do not possess these qualities, you are known as a discount goat. This means you are the goat at the farm that no individual wishes to own and will send to the slaughterhouse to become a nice stew.
tohubohu #7677 is so good at Valorant, unlike da boss #7058, who is a discount goat.
by orangecrocs4life May 9, 2021
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A sexual technique in which double penetration is acheived in one orifice.
Did you see that video where those two dudes used the unicorn goat technique to both get inside that woman's pussy? Hey, their balls definitely touched, but they didn't make eye contact.
by Ricardo D. Sanchez III September 26, 2017
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because the lamb has already been slain, and their are alot of goats.
sooooo. why the goat? because i dont know how to ask for forgiveness.
by AlliedApe October 27, 2021
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(person/personality) - Person that claims and is revered as the "Greatest of all Time" by a group of pathetic apologists or person otherwise not able to form a proper opinion.
Man, Simon Biles is a quitter, nothing more than a "woke GOAT!"
by $lapaho August 2, 2021
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We're turning an old Volvo into a goat at Eunice's party tonight. I hear that Bob and Mortimer are participating.
by Frauleinbird December 8, 2018
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