When a man/Woman eats a woman out in a manner resembling a goat then head butts her vagina.
Tommy gave Chelsea The Goat and after being head butt, Chelsea asked why he did so. Tommy replied with β€œThat’s part of The Goat baby”
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by Miniggodd March 25, 2020
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when you tuck your balls and your dick between your legs and bend over as a form of a prank to show your friends
I bent over and gave the goat to my buddy Grant when he came through the apartment door.
by bossassbitch1995 June 11, 2015
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The neglected person because everyone rightfully takes that person for granted.
She was the goat because she had done so well in life.
by Ereck Flowers April 17, 2015
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Also known as the "devil horns", "Satan horns", or "heavy metal hand".
Index and pinky finger fully extended, thumb accross middle fingernail.
That punk ass poseur doesn't even know how to throw the goat.
by RagingLeonard March 12, 2003
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