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Variation of "hell no" typically said by an African American. Often accompanied by an incredulous look and the waging of a finger.
Crazy friend: I dare you to run into the street! Black friend: Hail no! Yo crazy.
by racergamer February 22, 2015
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A video gamer who has become too lazy to get off his bed, couch, etc. to go play his video game console. A lazy gamer enjoys gaming, and may want to play video games, but finds it easier to watch online videos or browse social media. He may even use the excuse that he has homework, fully knowing he wont actually complete any. The gamer may subconsciously think that its too much effort to open the case, put in the disk, and or move his fingers to make the picture on the screen move.
I planned on playing my Xbox this weekend, but I was a lazy gamer and browsed the internet on my bed instead.
by racergamer February 23, 2015
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The quality, result, experience, or resolution to a "trip" to the bathroom. Pertaining to the excursion to the location, experience while doing ones business, and exiting the bathroom facilities.
Close friend: How was your bathroom trip? You: Awesome man, I feel so much better now.
by racergamer February 22, 2015
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Someone who expresses dislike toward Microsoft's Bing browser. A Bing Basher believes that Bing is not as good as Google for browsing the web. Bing Bashers may have a bias against anything produced by Microsoft. Rage may ensue after a Bing Basher has found that you have changed their homepage or search engine to Bing.
Stop being a Bing Basher you oblivious Google fanboy!
by racergamer February 23, 2015
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Someone who always tries to escape dish duty. In a family, a child may often use the excuse that he has uncompleted homework, which implies its a more pressing matter than helping clean the kitchen or dishes.
My friend became a dish dodger after he told his parents he had to finish math homework.
by racergamer February 23, 2015
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Friend 1: Want to go get lunch? Friend 2: Toads my goads dude!
by racergamer February 22, 2015
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Felling tired or fatigued by a common internet joke, saying, photo, or gif. (Meme.) Someone experiencing Viral Fatigue may feel like a meme is "beating a dead horse." The meme may be old, common, and overused, resulting in it not being humorous.
You: Please not another grumpy cat joke... I think I am getting viral fatigue.
by racergamer February 22, 2015
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