A group of friends that get together to do coke every night.
Me and the geek squad blasted mad last night.
by ohohohohohohoh May 3, 2007
Someone who works at Best Buy, drives around in the homomobile and is proud of it because he thinks it's cool and get's chicks but in reality has barely enough game to have sex with his hands.
also see fudgepacker
Isn't that that bitch Karl we used to beat up in high school, yep and he is still a bitch, he works for Geek Squad.
by Smokesalot November 15, 2005
Guhbean is apart of the geek squad.
by armic January 15, 2023
Two or more TEC-9 9mm semi-automatic pistols...
Uh oh, here comes trouble. Bring out the geek squad...
by Killa Cley May 28, 2006
(n.) Slang.

A title given to someone's friend who is a computer geek, often used for his (or her) technical skills. Eventually someone may abuse him (or her) and use their friend's ability for all their electronics.
Joshua is the personal geek squad in his town. He just pimped out Eric's lame notebook PC and gave him a 1080p video background and Google Chrome with awesome Extensions.
by raptroes July 16, 2010
Geek Squad is a thing at Best Buy where their geeks fix your stuff and crap but most likely they won't as they don't really know a thing as again their geeks.
Are you saying you still use Geek Squad? Why they craped on my Computer when I tried getting it fixed.
by Nintendofan90 September 16, 2017