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Where the Internet was born.
The United States of America:

It makes sense that the Internet was born in America because the Internet is a free cyberspace. It is a virtual representation of America: Greatness and the crap that comes with it.
by raptroes December 03, 2010

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An inquisitive individual that handles information about a certain topic whether it is for recreational purposes, a promising career, or both.

A geek typically is intelligent in some manner; and is always interested in a particular topic. Geeks have social skills unlike a nerd, which is similar intellectually, yet is a socially awkward individual. Geeks also tend to be, but are not limited to, nonathletic.
1. Adam is a computer geek. He'll be your boss some day.

2. Ricky is a film geek. He organizes all his movies alphabetically.

3. David is a guitar geek. He'll be keeping his neighbors up at night while he rocks out.

4. Kevin is a anime geek. He wants to move to Japan.

5. Gina is a book geek. She can't get her head out of those pages!

6. Stacie is a drama geek. She loves the stage.

7. Spencer is a comic book geek. He will debate who will win what fight.

8. Ian is a mathematics geek. He can school you!

9. Jennie is a photography geek. The wedding photos will come out professionally.
by raptroes July 26, 2010

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(n.) Slang.

This literally means "delete" but can also be used as a digital middle finger.

When combined with an action before (if needed, otherwise absent) and then a target after (required), this command can be used as a diss, only understood by command line geeks. (Typically Linux users.)

The most proper use of this phrase has an instructional nature, such as, "go rm -rf yourself" and can be directed at an individual "rm -rf noob" or a group of people "rm -rf /noobs."

From the UNIX command rm -rf /, used more loosely and can be artistically and freely expressed.
A proper rm -rf (diss) example:

Lamer: Wow, you have a desktop cube!

Geek: Linux for the win.

Lamer: You have no life! Linux is for nerds. Macintosh is better than Windows and Linux combined, go on-line to the Apple web site and—

Geek: I'm a GEEK, not a NERD! Know the difference! Go rm -rf yourself!

Lamer: What does that even mean?

Geek: Go into your Terminal and find out.
by raptroes July 15, 2010

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1. A straight face, usually scary. Implies a negative thought toward whoever is being looked at. Sometimes used humorously amongst a group or groups of people.
He gave the man a menu face. Obviously he didn't like his joke.
by raptroes February 12, 2010

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(n.) Slang.

A title given to someone's friend who is a computer geek, often used for his (or her) technical skills. Eventually someone may abuse him (or her) and use their friend's ability for all their electronics.
Joshua is the personal geek squad in his town. He just pimped out Eric's lame notebook PC and gave him a 1080p video background and Google Chrome with awesome Extensions.
by raptroes July 15, 2010

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