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The Geebags are a group of individuals from a location undefined, as of yet. Popular belief would suggest they are from an Irish heritage or something thereof. The group met in 2010 at a series of concerts. However, when they first were acquainted, not one of them truly understood how their lives would dramatically change...

It was December of that same year, when they were re-aquainted. Dirty Showbiz was the name of the event which really brought the GEE out in each BAG! At this stage, they still had no clue that this crazy journey of sex, drugs and rock'n'roll would embark to become which would later be perceived as “The Geebags”.
Everyone got really friendly that night and deep down, each Gee knew something magical was upon them.
To summarise the evening....alcohol, drugs and sex definitely pursued. When each person went home, nerves were present for a reason unknown at this time. They officially named the group, The Geebags and after this, frequent correspondence occurred on their Facebook group page of the same name.
It is rumoured that they are currently planning on buying a huge house in brooklyn where they will all reside together forever.
non Geebag: ''can I join the Geebags?''

Geebag Member:''gurrrrl, plaayyyyseeeeeeeee''
by Geebags March 22, 2011
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