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Will: Hey David, would you like to go out and do something retarded as shit?


David has a case of the fuckits
by David, HeartDavid August 01, 2012
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The fuck its also known as fuck its are a medical anomally that occur when your laziness gets the better of you. Usually happens when pressing matters are soon to arrive, such as projects due the next day or chores to be done around the house.
Symptoms include:
Coughing while saying fuck it.
The desire to go smoke weed or pack a lip.
Oh crap i have a project due tomorrow morning. Alright i have to do this.
*5 minutes later
Cough fuck it Cough oh man i got the fuck its cough cough fuck it enhhh fuck it wheres that skoal.
by meher1312 April 08, 2011
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