Ang: What is that hideousness?
Me: It's the fuckin fu!
by marty and chris May 27, 2009
a word shown in manga showing a chuckle
"fu fu fu, what kind of pathetic trinket is this?!"
by MR RUSSIA March 24, 2005
Less offensive description of vagina. From Latin word fufuris, meaning 'split'
She had to have work done at the gynecologist on her fu-fu.
by Lori October 8, 2003
Part of speach: noun

Definition: A fu-fu (fufu) is a smug, stuck-up progressive, usually a man with a feminine side. Many of them are from a wealthy class and can be found in high rent urban areas with a liberal lifestyle (ie San Francisco, New York).

Fufu can also be used to describe a man’s selection in clothes, drinks, cars, etc.
HaaaHaaaHaa, look at the fu-fu driving around in the teal color "Smart" car.
by Bay Area Tool May 13, 2011
When you move house and are wondering where to put 'that' vase wandering around the house you are Fu Fu-ing
by cinderelladay October 25, 2010
short for f**k you.
"Man, I just embarrassed you!"
by don't matter March 20, 2003
fuck you money; when you have enough $ so that you never have to work for anyone again, can do whatever you want, all the time.
Man i hate my job, i hate my life. i cant wait til my app goes big and i make that FU$$
by elle99 March 5, 2015