(V) 1. When you masturbate until your penis bleeds
2. When you use fine grained sand paper to rub off callouses on your penis in the hopes that masturbation once again feels good
3. Sprinkling salt on ones penis so that it shrivels up and can fit in small holes such as the hole in the middle of cds
4. Any self-mutilating excessive masturbation
1. I need a band-aid because I just gave myself The Friend
2. Let's go to Home Depot. I wanna give myself The Friend later
3. My penis looks like a slug when I do The Friend
4. That fool has a Frankencock from doing The Friend too much
by B_Rock January 14, 2006
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when you're too scared to commit to your definition of a perfect girl so instead of friendzoning her you put her in a place between friends and something more so you can have your cake and eat it too
You: so what are we?
Boy you've been seeing for 8 months: oh you know friends friends

You: just friends ?
Boy: no, friends friends
by sahlulu5 November 16, 2016
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someone whom is not "technically" your boyfriend/girlfriend, but whom seems to fill the traditional roles of such a position. Sort of a boyfriend/girlfriend who is not recieving benefits.
I'm allowed to go out with "Guy B" because "Guy A" is just my friend friend.
by HeatherDawgFan February 12, 2007
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A person who is not connected to you by friendship, but is connected to you by being a friend of someone who you are connected in friendship with.
Daniel is not my friend, he is Jack's friend. Jack is my friend, so Daniel is a friend of a friend.
by Takeshi Kawasaki May 18, 2006
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Someone who you have vaguely heard of. These people are the source of malicious gossip and urban legends.
A friend of a friend told me that Andy got Kate pregnant.
by Lambchops December 9, 2004
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How guys claim to have met their current girl friend when they really mean they met online.
Darryl: "Yo, RayShard, dats one fine biotch you be hanging with lately. Where you meet her."
RayShard: "Oh, you mean Shaneequa? We, um, met through a friend of a friend."
Darryl: " I didn't think you would ever meet anyone with all that time you spend alone on da computer and sheet."
RayShard: "indeed. Indeed. Go figure. Funny,that."
by Ct walrus July 9, 2011
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Can be used to describe a Fuck Buddy or someone you are trying to fool into thinking they are your boyfriend/girlfriend.
"My friend friend slept with me last night."
by Ronesto August 3, 2008
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