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1. A Penis that is freakishly Long.
2. A Penis that is hideous and grotesque.
1. Wow, that guy has a Frankencock! That thing is huge!
2. OMG, did you see that guys penis? How gross! that guy has a frankencock!
by Billy The Jewish Kid November 06, 2010
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A cock that has been surgically fashioned from other flesh, whether from one's own body or from a donor body. To be true to the Frankenstein story, the cock would have been sourced from a dead body and have electrodes on each side to attach to an electrical source to bring it to life. However, the typical scenario is that of a patient who wishes to replace a damaged cock or who wishes to install a cock where there has been no cock.
Jasmine (soon to be Jack) is going to Mexico to get a new Frankencock attached because the procedure is much more affordable there.
by Tabitha Catherine August 11, 2016
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