A Pink Floyd album from 1983. The last album to feature bassist/vocalist Roger Waters before he left the band in 1985. Also the band’s first album not to feature keyboardist Richard Wright, since he was fired by Roger when they were touring The Wall in 1980 and ‘81. The band was falling apart when they were making this album and Roger Waters and Dave Gilmour hated eachother and hardly spoke to eachother.
“Man, I hate Roger Waters but I love The Final Cut. Not Now John goes hard.”
by dudemanjones11 August 6, 2023
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to be finally selected
For every music album, song-writer writes many more songs out of which 12 or 15 are selected for the release, the rest that don't make the final cut are released in the Deluxe version of the album later on.
by Zami Karzai September 22, 2018
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Final Cut Pro is a software created by apple, for the Mac OS that is used for professional video editing. Final Cut Proverload is an overload of using Final Cut Pro, which usually happens in youtubers.
Youtuber: "I'm sorry guys, theres no video today. I am just going crazy with Final Cut Proverload but hopefully I'll be back tomorrow."

Trolls: FAKE GAY
by The proverloader April 6, 2011
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An overprized video-editing-software for apple.
Got some effects in and thats it.
Man, just got the new final cut pro x
by cutepuppykali October 27, 2014
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