A song made by 80's rock band Europe. Found on the album "The Final Countdown".
The Final Countdown is the best song ever!
by BIGBALLS92 June 21, 2009
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A movie from 1980 about the USS Nimitz going through a time warp to December 6th, 1941. Once they accept their situation, they try to stop the Japanese from bombing Pearl Harbor. They are pulled back into the time warp before they can stop the attack, returning 2 days after they left.

Starring Kirk Douglas, Martin Sheen, Katherine Ross and Charles Durning.

Filmed during the Nimitz' Sep 79-May 80 cruise. Squadrons aboard included VF-41 and VF-84 (F-14A Tomcats), VA-35 (A-6E Intruder), VA-82 and VA-86 (A-7E Corsair II), VFP-63 (RF-8G Crusader), VAQ-134 (EA-6B Prowler), VS-24 (S-3A Viking), VAW-112 (E-2B Hawkeye), and HS-9 (SH-3H Sea King). All squadrons get time on film. (from IMDB)
The Final Countdown is a good movie if you like sci-fi/drama.

an F-14 pilot is reporting the identity of a pair of enemy planes to Captain Yelland over the radio
Captain Yelland: Alert 1 this is Eagle 1, what've you got?
Pilot: Two Japanese Zeroes, sir.
Captain Yelland: Two what?
Pilot: Two Trophy Class Mitsubishi A6Ms in original condition, complete with all markings. I mean, they look brand new sir!
Captain Yelland: Have you been spotted?
Pilot: Negative, we're right in the sun at their 6 o'clock high.
Captain Yelland: Stay in visual contact, take no action without clearance.
Pilot: Wilco Eagle 1, out.
(from IMDB)
by MITB June 19, 2008
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The one-song soundtrack to any epic dump.
Dude I've got to drop a deuce! Can you get The Final Countdown on for me?
by Pablo Beer November 6, 2007
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The closing moments before something big happens.
Person 1 “Dude it’s the final countdown before T-series passes pewdiepie in subscribers! Why haven’t you subbed to Pewds yet?!”
Person 2 “I’m so sorry i didn’t realize it was so close! I’m gonna go subscribe to him on YouTube right now.
by thehamwithcheese March 4, 2019
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A trashy 80's metal song about space travel by a Swedish metal band called Europe. One can be entertained by listening to this song for hours.
Haha The Final Countdown is playing. What a crappy song.
by Karl April 5, 2005
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The act of making love to a woman.
Referring to the "countdown" until you ejaculate or just ejaculation.
Dude, I would so totally give that girl The Final Countdown.
by Jables246 September 19, 2009
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A dude straps C4 to the inside of a terminally ill woman, with the objective of seeing if she dies first from her illness or from his penis detonating the explosive.
That final countdown the other night totally blew my dick off!
by MuzzSteve August 12, 2008
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