A peeled ginger root, shaped like a slender butt plug, inserted into the anus without lubrication of any kind. The ginger juices cause pain and extreme horniness. The person belonging to said anus become twitchy, jumpy and very lively. The effect lasts for about 20 minutes or more depending on the freshness and strength of the root. The root can also be applied directly to the clitoris or inserted into the urethra. Just be sure the sliver can be retrieved. Also, after peeling the ginger, wash your hands afterward because ginger juice in the eye just plain hurts like a mother fucker and is not fun or horny inducing in any way!

The word comes from the 18th century. Unscrupulous horse dealers would insert a peeled ginger root into the anus of a slow or half dead horse. The horse would become lively and hold its tail better. The spelling was feague, but over time became figging.
The bound submissive quivered in anticipation as her Master slowly peeled the finger of ginger that would be used to fig her.

Mistress Karen loved figging her slaves when they misbehaved. they writhed and begged so beautifully.
by Abby December 4, 2004
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L.A. slang - short for referring to the north-south street that intersects through most of the city of Los Angeles, Figueroa St.
Mac: Wya tho
D-Note: On Fig near 7th
Mac: Fasho
by HushOne June 16, 2017
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"fig fig is the greatest YouTuber to exist. His content is incredible."
by figfigyt May 19, 2022
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1) A sexual practice involving the insertion of a prepared "finger" of ginger root into the anus. This practice dates all the way back to the Victorian era.

2) The act of putting a shaved ginger root into the anus. It creates a burning sensation around the sphincter, and a cooling sensation at the same time.
I went to my local dominatrix and while she was tying me up she asked if I liked ass-play. I said, "Of Course!" so she suggested that we try Figging. I said, "Figging?" She explained to me, and I was hooked.
by dweezler November 10, 2010
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A sweet fruit slightly larger than a grape that grows on trees during the summer time.
Example 1: Figs are great, in modertation.

Example 2: Why are all of the definitions I see here incorrect, not even mentioning that it's a fruit?!
by Hooter Stumpfuck 2 August 29, 2006
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I really enjoy figging, said the blonde.
by Figman February 29, 2004
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A straight male who has a so called “soft spot” for elderly females. Although a fig can be any age they tend to be between the ages 15 and 25. Furthermore, although not directly linked to the “fig” status, studies have shown that there is a clear corresponding factor of erectile dysfunction. Possibly due to a few too many hours looking at Susan Boyle’s Britains got talent performance.
“Oi Pete mate had any lady action recently?”
“Yes, yes I have thank you Freddie”

“Ah don’t tell me your going back to your fig habits”
“Oh crud stop calling me a fig grr”
by Rd29 July 27, 2019
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