A 3 day festival in Gainesville, Florida where over 200 bands are invited to play in 18+ venues around the town. 40 times better than Warped Tour, 40 times less commercialized.
Person 1: I can't wait to go to the fest!
Person 2: What the fuck is that?
by btmindustry July 19, 2009
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The best suffix for anything that is extreme.
Deathfest, ragefest, suckfest, sexfest, gayfest, idiotfest, assholefest, fuckmefest. You get the point.
by Hizzo April 16, 2004
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1.suffix. used to create a noun that indicates an abundance of a particular type of person or activity in a particular place at a given time.
1. This bar sucks. Its a total chochfest.
2. I'd go to the coffee shop, but I know its going to be nothing but a tarkfest
3. sausagefest, a personal favorite.
by chaos lloyd March 02, 2005
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An awesome punk festival in Gainesville Fl where fat dudes with beards get drunk as fuck and listen to great bands.
"You going to fest this year?"
"Does the pope shit in the woods?"
"Um, i dunno, i presume he uses a normal commode like most people".
by readysteadyjedi October 10, 2007
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Fest is the short form of Cringefest. Used by little-assed kids to describe the cringiness of a fellow human being’s actions.
A: “Seriously guys, what does fest mean, stop excluding me it’s making me insecure
Student: “Like we care, fest.”
by a**n August 18, 2018
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When the bros kick back and chill, when males bro it out and chill and play gamecube, no females aloud or that would be a bro foul and u would no longer be festing
dude we should fest tonight

i just to chill with the bros and fest

dude that was a bro foul and ur not festing

harrison sometimes you just want to fest to much
by FamilyGuyFan 84 April 28, 2008
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The act of participating in one of the following: Troutfest, Manfest, Prittsfest, or Toonfest. Festing consists of doing one or all of the following: jumping fires, playing air guitar with a pump shotgun, ripping nuts until your vehicle over heats, ripping nuts in random fields/yards, massive consumption of alcohol, crashing jeeps into telephone poles, eating raw or partially cooked meat, head banging to metallica, tool...etc, making fun of the deigo...................
"Too much festing will lead to suspension"
"Those damn festers took my Italian license plate!"
"we're done!...fested to hard...it's over Johnny!"
"Slackjaw was the honorary festee"
by plowdriver101 March 27, 2012
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