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"The Feeling" refers to a type of second-hand embarassment one gets in awkward situations. You may have to look away, walk away or ignore to get rid of the uncomfortable tension in your stomach.
Nerds making out and canoodling in public may give you "the feeling."

If someone tells a story with too many graphic details in front of your boss or parent, you may get "the feeling".

If someone tells a corny joke or anecdote, you may get "the feeling". Same goes for over romantic, nostaglic, or schmaltzy sentiments.

If someone falls, farts, or makes a fool of themself and you are directly next to them, you may get "the feeling."
by MKDeps October 15, 2010
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to sport a boner, fly the sail at full mass, rock hard, etc.
"I had a lot of cartoon characters that used to get me sexually aroused as a kid... The female reindeer from the Rudolph claymation series, when I was in preschool, I used to be bricked up watching that shit." -Jack Harlow
by real_philly February 11, 2020
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British pop band and the best band ever to walk this earth.

consists of;

Dan Gillespie Sells - lead vocal and guitar

Richard Jones - bass and backing vocals

Kevin Jeremiah - guitar and backing vocals

Ciaran Jeremiah - keyboards and backing vocals

Paul Stewart - drums
I went to see The Feeling last night... they are REALLY GOOD LIVE!!
by Tishyfish April 17, 2011
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1. The feeling of affection that starts at your heart then surges through your whole body and then hits your stomach as if your stomach is filled with butterflies.
3. One of the greatest things a person feels
2. A strong, glimps feeling of love
"Steven gets The Feeling everytime he sees, feels, or thinks of Jacqui"
by Steven March 20, 2004
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The feeling is acquired when you try to tell a joke, which you find very hilarious, but then nobody laughs and you're left to feel like a complete jackass.
Boy 1: -tells a joke- Wasn't that so funny?!
Boy 2: -stares at boy 1- no.
Boy 1: Uhhh.. damn it! I just got the feeling.
by MirokusTwinSister January 06, 2009
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