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When a girl pretends to be unsure if she has a condom, in reality knows it's in tucked in the corner of the upper right hand drawer
G1: I want to be safe but not seem like I fuck guys so much I have 'Stash'.
G2: Just do the fake out, bonus the anticipation makes the sex better!
by QueError April 25, 2015
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When you're doing a girl and you pull out and spit on her back, so she thinks you came. When she turns around you jizz in her face
The Fake Out made my girlfriend pissed...
It was just too fucking funny though
by Thrashed16 March 05, 2011
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When you are having sex, and you pull out just before you cum and tell your partner you'll be finishing in their the last second tilt your cock upward and bust one in her eye while screaming FAKE OUT!

The Fake-Out, according to apparently has to be used in a sentence.

"I was fucking my girlfriend last night and i totally pulled the fake out...we haven't spoken since."
by IRA PKP January 19, 2006
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