A low to medium profile hatchback shitbox from the late 80s to early 90s. For example, the Mitsubishi Precis, Ford Festiva, Pontiac Le Mans, Honda CRX, and of course the quintessential Geo Metro. This type of vehicle is not to be confused with a Smart Car, which is essentially an even shittier golf cart with doors.
A two door spec is the perfect cheater car for a car audio setup.
by Jizz.Farmer May 3, 2019
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opening both the front and back doors on your vehicle in order to "do your business" on the side of the road. Used to keep passing cars from seeing your exposed state.
Well now it was a long trip and I didn't wanna pull off the highway so I did a two door squat right off mile marker 234.
by dumptruckunclesam August 30, 2021
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Nosey ass neighbors who simp over every inch of your dick.
Goddamn simps next door are snooping my damn logs
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The act of getting so frustrated and pissed off you calmly walk up to a door whip your dick out and proceed to slam it in the door.
Bub threw away his prized tool and started Slaming The Door.
by SlamingTheDoor101 December 30, 2017
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A sentence that describes an situation which causes you to "hop out of the car in rage wanting to slam your moms car door behind you."
*Pulls up to house after argument* You get out the car, but as you're getting out you hear an angry mom say "Slam that mf door if u want too ! BOY ITS GON' BAD FOR YOU!"
by KB__KiLLA April 20, 2022
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To lift up your top lip to your nose, revealing your front teeth, and letting it flop down, slamming against your two front teeth, making a "ploop" noise.
Kids will laugh their asses off if you slam the door on your teeth. They're very big and beautiful, so it'll be very loud.
by Weirdosis June 3, 2018
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When in an attempt to have a good time but keeping your occupation in mind
Rep 1 “Hey man wanna slang them doors

Rep 2 “If by slang them doors you mean pop a hims with the boys and go hit bucks I’m down”

Rep 1 and 2 (in unison) “yesssir
by Prxoject September 19, 2021
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