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It's when you dive your Penis really hard and fast into either the Booty or the Pussy at full force from the other side of the room.
Jack: what did you do last night.
Christian: Oh I did The Dive with my girlfriend last night.
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by ParryBEN March 19, 2019
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Damn that was a steezy ass kickflip son!
by niggaliciouszor April 29, 2007
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The man’s scalp is smoothly shaved down using lemon juice, coconut oil, and a half pound of home made butter. He then suits up with his roller skates and sets up his diving board for action, but not before lathering his body from the eyebrows down with molasses syrup for friction and so the scalp is favored as the slippery dome and centerpiece of the malicious act. He then looks his victim straight in the ass while he’s tied face down, rear up squirming for help. The man begins to read the Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs to his victim so they both can regurgitate before things really get started. After a couple chapters, the man deeply lathers the victims ass and genitals. He then sets candles up strategically around the victim in a circle, resembling his very own slippery scalp. He then applies the most flammable substance on earth,chlorine trifluoride, to his neck up the center of his scalp and lights it with the nearest candle! He rollerskates viciously to the diving board and leaps head first into the ass of the victim! At this point they’re both in the most terrible pain of their lives, and will remember this feeling even after death. The diver spins on his head with his toes in the air causing a flaming drill sensation in the asshole and stomach of the victim, leaving a giant bloody hole where his ass used to be. He then rubs sardine infested cream cheese in his face, and repeats the entire act until the victim has just barely a head remaining.
Poor Joey fell victim to the dive, he didn’t deserve that.... nobody does.
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by TheManShomDom September 21, 2018
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The most awesome band ever, formerly known as Dive Bella Dive.

They still have a tendancy to sing about alcohol and prostitutes (mainly prostitutes), despite the name change and drive around in a riot van which they then spray painted grey because they got chased by the police

Barnaby Courtney - Singer
Dan Scotty - Bass
Sam Battle - Guitar (also has a habit of making music from gameboys and by torturing furbys)
fuuuccckkkk i love the dive
by bljf;ldafjlsafls May 05, 2013
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When a "crack addict" takes a shit, and is out of crack so he/she reaches into the toilet and picks apart her/his feces in order to get the morsels of leftover crack and re-use them.
Guy 1: "Yo where's Matty? I got some dope shit he should try"
Guy 2: "Aw fuck man you just missed him, he went to the bathroom. Probably in there getting ready to do the dive"
by TheNewt June 14, 2019
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