The deity of a religion based upon the beliefs of Anderson Cooper. This holy spirit comes in every voting day to children's windows to warn them about the dangers of eating their vegetables. If a child who has been spoken to by The Coop disobeys this spirit by eating their greens, they will have reoccurring dreams of Wolf Blitzer for 2.5 years.
My son woke me up at 3 am last night as I heard someone rummaging through the fridge. When I made my way down the stairs, he froze with sweat pouring off of his face, dried tears in his eyes and a head of lettuce in his hand. As I took the lettuce from his grip he screamed in a satanic voice, "CATCH ANDERSON COOPER 360 WEEKNIGHTS AT 8." I could not do anything... I had lost my son to The Coop.
by Katttzillla February 13, 2014
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To tilt your head as if talking on the phone without using your hands, only its without a phone. Instead, it is just because you are physically incapable of holding your head up. It also looks really stupid.
Guy 1: Does that guy have neck problems?

Guy 2: No. He is just doing "The Coop."

Guy 1: Wow. He looks ridiculous.
by wergpwjggpiwgjg March 31, 2010
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To be prepared for the days job at hand and receive a call redirecting you to a completely different job, and or task in which you are not prepared for. Odds are this will start a chain of events which can not be avoided. Ending with a unproductive day
I just set up for the day and now i just been Cooped.
by Mr Magoe September 12, 2014
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no homo. or saying that u dont wana do anything homo. u didnt mean that in a gay way.
"aye bruh, u got sum nice eyes...."
"yea, u got some nice eyes...but no coop tho."
"oh, thanks man...thought u was been gay."
by unnsiffysiffy February 17, 2010
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A coffee poop.

While originally thought to by synonymous with moop, it is clear that not all moops are the result of coffee and not all coffee is consumed in the morning.
4 cups of coffee puts me in the bathroom all morning with a terrible case of the coop.
by Jerktart October 18, 2011
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One of those cool kids who everyone is kinda afraid of, but he's really the man. In short, no one is better.
Man, I'm jealous of Dan. He's such a coop and all the girls want him.
by Corey M. Vickford December 7, 2004
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Coop is a word meaning Cool and hot, typically used in Edinburgh, often among the youth
That Robyn, she's really coop, and she's a dying light mega sweat
by Fwood07 September 6, 2021
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