The best fucking zombie game you’ll ever play.......the game it’s a mix of a parkour infused with creative zombie killing
Person 1: hey George, u play dying light?

George: Hell yeah! I beat the whole game, I’m rank ultimate survivor, it’s all I play!
by HornyniggaLandryBasket October 14, 2019
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A game that hasn't been released after a year since its announcement
Dude1: Hey techland when is dying light 2
Techland: We aRe WoRkInG oN a ReLeAsE dAtE
by Techland_Make_dyinglight2 February 09, 2021
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The biggest Public Private server in Discord

Like seriously, don’t go to #general
Some guy: Dude, have you seen #general in the Dying Light Discord Server? Shit’s a fucking orgy!

some guy 2: i was in the orgy...
by Some guy in the Server February 28, 2021
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