A General term for a Gay Bar.
Friend 1: Dude where the hell has Lawrence been? Has he still been up his new friend Rodger's ass every night?
Friend 2: Yea. They are probably shooting pool or playing tummy stix up at The Cockpit.
Friend 1: True... when I met him he had on an Affliction shirt, skinny jeans, and a spray tan. I think they are fucking.
by Charlie Badass April 27, 2018
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Cockpit, aka vagina, The cockpit admits the male penis for sexual intercourse. A pleasure hole.
she had a moist and Accommodating cockpit.
by Duran Duran April 8, 2006
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Area in an aircraft that holds pilot and co-pilot crew. Driver's seat in a race car.

Slang: Vagina
That was one tight cockpit.
by MoonKnight November 11, 2002
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A party that is full of guys and minimal females.
That jam last night was a cockpit.
by EmoHatch March 20, 2004
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A compartment for the pilot and sometimes also the crew in an aircraft, so named by stewardesses because the mile-high club was (obviously) initiated there.
Flight-fag: "<Sigh.> There's a fat couple stuck in the bathroom. I swear, these people need to join Jenny Craig before the Mile-High Club.

Tinkerfluff Tina: "You tell the Air Marshal. I'm gonna' go show the hot co-pilot why the cockpit is better than first class."

Flight-fag: "But,... the Air Marshal is the blumpkee in the shitter and the co-pilot is my cum dumpster."
by Bachelor boB January 8, 2011
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The place under a manager's desk where a secretary or other subservient administrative staff member would go and perform favors for raises.
Mary reluctantly went into Bob's cockpit. When she was done though, she got a 10% raise.
by Bald Cyclops June 4, 2007
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The sex act of putting ones penis in another's armpit.
"Have you ever tried cockpitting?" "No, I don't wanna get deodorant on my dick."
by Notabrickwall February 3, 2013
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