Term for someone who is considered to be a good sexual partner by females. Made infamous by Jay and silent Bob.
by Gumba Gumba February 20, 2004
A title given to only the highest vaginal oral stimulaters in the world. Original proclaimed by Jason Mews(Jay & Silent Bob...Snoogans), this title is only for those who are experts in giving a woman ultimate oral pleasure and satisfaction....Snoochie Boochies?
The Clit Commaders Creed: "I am the Master of the Clit. You see this fuckin' face? When you see this fuckin' face you know that I rule that shit. I make that shit work. No one rules the clit like me...Not this little fuck, None of you little fucks...I am the CLIT COMMANDER!"
by symbiote October 13, 2006
what Jayson Mews in Jay in Silent Bob proclaims himself to be.
I am the Clit Commander. No one rules the clit like me; not this fuck, none of you little fucks out there. I AM THE CLIT COMMANDER! When it comes down to takin' care of business, here's what I do. I grab it...then I put on my nose like this...and im like, "OH youz little fuck..."
by porneggs May 29, 2006
One who is a commander of a clit through sexual pleasure and/or stimulation of the clit
mike cannot compare to the Clit commanding power of Garrett
by Garrett bitch &co. October 5, 2003
A Commander of the Clit. Not quite a General yet however someone who gets lots of pussy.
I am the clit commander. I own you, you little bastard...ooohhhh...you little bastard...BONG!