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A title given to only the highest vaginal oral stimulaters in the world. Original proclaimed by Jason Mews(Jay & Silent Bob...Snoogans), this title is only for those who are experts in giving a woman ultimate oral pleasure and satisfaction....Snoochie Boochies?
The Clit Commaders Creed: "I am the Master of the Clit. You see this fuckin' face? When you see this fuckin' face you know that I rule that shit. I make that shit work. No one rules the clit like me...Not this little fuck, None of you little fucks...I am the CLIT COMMANDER!"
by symbiote October 13, 2006
The Forbidden Handshake is when 2 males shake hands while their dicks are touching tips and/or are wrapped around depending on length of one's penis
Friend 1: Ay bro let's do the Forbidden Handshake

Friend 2: Bruh ...Hell no
by symbiote May 5, 2022