A black "The Family Guy".

A cartoon sitcom that will ironically and inevitably have the same fate as the '08-'09 Cleveland Cavaliers:

Imminent failure.
"The Cleveland Show" is gonna suck so bad that FOX is gonna be forced to make "The Quagmire Show".
by pelicaine September 9, 2009
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The worst spin-off in the history of television.
I'll stick with Family Guy, thank you.

The Cleveland Show has gotta be the worst show I've ever seen.
by Germaine Williams November 26, 2009
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A new and upcoming spinoff of family guy's character Cleveland Brown. In this show he gets married to his highschool love Donna. They have two kids, and cleveland's son cleveland jr. who for some reason is really fat instead of being hyperactive. I personally liked the hyperactive cleveland jr. better. This show doesn't look that good, however. It looks dull, and looks just like family guy but with black main characters, and some new neighbors. Also, cleveland was the most boring character on family guy, and making a spinoff with him as a main character doesn't look that great. Family guy was a way better entertaining and more funny show. I hope they don't abandon it just to make this crappy looking spinoff.
The Cleveland Show looks just like that old show The X's that got canceled within a few months.
The Cleveland Show looks like an epic fail waiting to happen.
by laughingskull September 6, 2009
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The worst spinoff of a mediocre show ever.

They take probably the unfunniest character off of Family Guy and gave him his own show. The show is so irrelevant and unfunny that it's laughable. I've seen a few episodes sporadically and I can only remember lauging once and that was at how horrible the show is.

The characters are bland and rather unoriginal. I mean, it's like Seth MacFarlane has like a template for his families. Parents, teenage daughter, younger teenage son, a smart-ass child, and something that talks like a dog, an alien, and a bear.
The Cleveland Show is better off cancelled and Cleveland is better off on Family Guy.
by Jocman96 February 20, 2012
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A spin-off of Family Guy starring Cleveland Brown. His new family will include his new wife, her two children, and a reanimated Cleveland Jr.
I can't wait for The Cleveland Show!
by copperdome June 10, 2008
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A spin-off of family guy that was passable, I’d give it a few watches
The Cleveland Show was alright for what it was
by SeeGuy September 4, 2020
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Watching "The Cleveland Show" is the act of one returning to his/her bedroom and masturbating. The patron will usually deny their actions and resort to telling the question master that they were simply, "watching The Cleveland Show".
*Ken knocks on Guy's door*

Ken: "What are you doing in there, man?"
Guy: "Oh, shit I was just uhh ... watching The Cleveland Show ..."
by Cleveland Guy Brown October 15, 2013
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