Your lass is champion


Guy 1:Ay-Up How doo's?
Guy 2:I'm champion me like!

by Chris Man-Da October 4, 2005
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where were we?
- confidence, insecurity
right. so telling you what you don't believe about yourself does not work?
- like?
like telling you how i see you, your beauty through my eyes. would that help in the long run. constantly reminding you of that
- no
then tell me what you need to be free of that self-harm. enough of this self-slaughter. its enough for everybody. we've had enough of these constant lessons in self-hate. and i can say this because im the fucking champion!!
by El Sa El August 21, 2019
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Everyone on the planet, cause they all beat all the other sperm in the race to the egg... If used repeatedly it will piss any human being...
Even though you might be a massive douche bag... You still are a champion...
by Rustyoperation March 8, 2008
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Amazing band from seattle, wa. They're drug free and positive sound impressed and challenged many bands in their genre to make better, honest, and more meaningful hardcore. Thier 2004 cd Promises Kept is definitely the halmark of their sound.
bro1:"Champion is whats up, son!"
bro2:"Yeah, they are pretty legit"
by sebastian crucial December 8, 2006
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A word used in primarly in southeast Michigan to describe a person who gives him or herself too much credit.
Person A: I just did a 360 dunk

Person B: Easy huge..don't act champion
by dearborn1 June 6, 2005
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Another way to call someone a douche bag using "code language."
by sfgiantsfan021 March 28, 2009
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