The future of shitty TV networks The WB and UPN.
I look foward to watching more of my favorite shitty teen dramas on The CW!
by Blank Mike January 25, 2006
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abbreviation for content warning.
acts similarly to a trigger warning, but for content that is not as graphic or that is mentioned only in passing.
Put a cw at the beginning of that article for passing discussion of sexual assault.
by grebr January 24, 2014
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Acronym for a crusty wank sock, a sock used to fit over the penis during masturbation, thus avoiding wet spots. Inevitably these socks become somewhat crusty frequent use.
"This cws is getting a little too crusty, must remember to wash the darn thing!"
by w00fdawg August 13, 2005
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An American television network formed in 2007 from the merge of the WB and UPN, with the intention to capture the teenage demographic and failing miserably to do so, consequently ruining the reputation of any good quality shows it gained from the merge.
by Charzipan February 07, 2008
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Often used in anorexia journals as ‘current weight’ or as a way of tracking weight.
My cw is 88 pounds.
by .coco December 19, 2018
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CW is Morse Code, a way to communicate with Dots and Dashes over long distances or with computers by light, wire or radio.
I heard a CW signal on the radio last night.
Did you pass the CW portion of the test?
by Green Curtain September 26, 2007
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