The name of the unique delivery of snob sperm to a swallowing female. By depositing your gentleman's relish into a teapot and delivering said teapot on a tray to your lover of the evening, she then drinks direct from the spout and swallows with a cunning smile.
Ian: I have chased after you for so long now Tash that I just want you to swallow my semen without a care in the world.

Tash: I will oblige but on the condition that you deliver it as The Butler, you stalking bastad.
by DJSwiss February 29, 2012
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When one unwittingly makes a mistake with massive financial implications, finding the resulting chaos humorous until one ironically realises that the pandemonium is a result of their foolish actions. A term that is utilized broadly within the accounting industry.
Millions of dollars gone and it was your fault and you didn't even know it. You butlered it
by Office_bitch May 16, 2013
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To be over served with wine purposefully by refilling ones glass constantly
This morning was rough, I got Butlered last night at my friend's house.
by BigDutch July 25, 2018
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To be transformed into someone's bitch.

The process through which it happens is called butlerization.

The author is called the butlerizer.
Tom: Dude, you should gather the wood and setup the tent
Nick: No prob man
Tom: You've been butlerized
by stimpsy July 14, 2016
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An ass grope named after the actor Gerard Butler after he was a photo was taken with his middle finger and hand was in & on Jennifer Aniston's ass.
Damn, he was Butlering her ass.
by BishopLord March 30, 2010
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A condition where one day dreams/fantasizes about having an imaginary butler to such an extent that, one forgets everything else in the world. It is common for one who suffers from such a condition to keep repeatedly mentioning things about this imaginary butler.
A: "She keeps sprouting nonsense about some butler.. I wonder what's up"
B: "Oh just ignore her! She has been watching too many dramas and stuff and has become totally butlered!"
by October 30, 2014
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The act of fucking dead roadkill to fulfill your sexual desires, named after supposed beastial necrophiliac Andrew Butler. He was was reported to authorities after sticking his cock in a decomposing squirrel that was hit by a car, coining the term.
Did you see Mark last night? He was standing above a dead deer with his dick out last night. I think he practices butlerism.
by PrimordialHomo May 10, 2018
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