Incredible Scottish actor who can next be seen in Joel Schumacher's 'Phantom of the Opera'.
Can also be seen in Tomb Raider 2, Dracula 2000, and Dear Frankie.
Rocks the kilt better than any other Scottish actor.
There goes Gerry, rockin' the kilt.
by kiltsandeyeliner November 27, 2004
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AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS Scottish actor who stars in the movie Phantom of the Opera. He is a hilarious man, who is always nice to his Tarts!
Hot damn! There's Gerard Butler lookin' gorgeous!
by HockeyChick June 4, 2005
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An actor from Scotland who is best known for his work in The Phantom of the Opera, 300, P.S: I Love You, RocknRolla, The Ugly Truth and most recently, Law-Abiding Citizen and How to Train Your Dragon. He started out as a lawyer before switching to acting. He tends to either be commended or slaughtered (usually slaughtered) for his singing in The Phantom of the Opera, since prior to accepting the role he had not undergone any long-term voice lessons and is not primarily a singer. He retains his Scottish accent to this day, which makes the fangirls go crazy, and is responsible for making the words "THIS IS SPARTAAAAA!!!" known all over the world. He's also known as one of the nicest celebrities around, and is extremely funny!
There goes Gerard Butler in The Phantom of the Opera again...I don't care what they say, I like his voice!
by amorailuv July 26, 2010
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The man responsible for my daddy issues. His thirst tweets video holy moly daddy!
My friend: Have you seen Timothee Chalamet? He is soo hot!
Me: He's no Gerard Butler
by IshuM24 November 11, 2020
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A Scottish actor who portrayed, among others, Marek in Timeline and Erik Destler in The Phantom of the Opera. Good actor with a singing voice that makes one feel as if they are being strangled with a Punjab lasso.
Gerard Butler is good-looking and an okay actor, but when he opens his mouth to sing, flowers die all over the world.
by Iliythia February 27, 2006
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Irritating Scottish actor from Paisley who feels the need to speak with an American twang in a pathetic attempt to ingratiate himself to Americans.
Hi, I'm Gerard Butler and I'm a talentless cock
by thevillain October 30, 2010
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Possibly one of the hottest Scottish actors around with the most incredible eyes and an accent to reduce grown women to giggling schoolgirls; has a reputation of being one of the nicest actors around; sex on legs.
My god that man is an must be Gerard Butler!
by Le moi July 15, 2006
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