When a male performs a shaving ritual around a females vaginal area, collects the hair and sticks it to his face like a makeshift beard. Giving the effect that he’s been in the outback for far too long.
Bob- Jeez, I could sure shave that gash for you and use it for facial hair for my costume party. Just call me The Bushman Bob
by Chad Grundle November 12, 2021
A directionless bufoon who cannot determine north or south using the needles of a compass. One stricken with a delusional disorder, believing he or she was born a turd and is therefore trying to relive the experience of birthing from the "CRED" Cycloptic Red Eye of Death seeking solace and maternal comfort. Due to the nature of this infliction, the individual continually enters the wrong cavity, henceforth referred to as Bushman.
No you idiot, you didn't get boofed by the Fuller Brushmeister, you got regally queef greased by the Bushman, aka djPauli (LINY) psk.
by Rono January 19, 2007
In New Zealand, refers a person that works and/or lives in the bush. In opposition to townies or cockys (dairy farmers). Historically bushmen were often cullers and/or loggers.
Josh James is New Zealand’s answer to British adventurer and television star Bear Grylls. Tall, bearded and intense, ‘The Kiwi Bushman’ is a pastiche of what it means to be the archetypal man in this country. Based in a small township* on the West Coast of the South Island, James is a jetboating, deer-hunting, tahr-killing, fish-catching wildman.
by RangiWiremuWakaJones June 8, 2020
A young pothead, who always seems to purchase weed. Always offers to smoke you out, but begins to walk in circles because he claims it is "to sketch" or that he, "heard something". This is commnly used as a distraction for him to continure smoking and take another hit.
That Bushman is such a jew, he walked in circles when were blazing.
by poopoofaceingsnv November 22, 2007
bushman is typically a horny teenage boy who loves anime thighs he can be nice and funny most times. he often chockes on his water. good friend but you have to tell your parents that he’s gay.
bushman needs to use a condom!
bushman is so horny

bushman is such a good friend
by ur mom oooo May 8, 2020
A person wearing all neutral, earth tones (i.e. brown, tan, etc.) and little jewelry. (Therefore it looks as though they've lived in a forest somewhere, surviving on nuts and berries.)
Ew I need to change my shirt or else I'll look like a bushman!
by Catitia March 12, 2006
A myth creature who is hairy and ape like, and lives in a bush.
Clure: I'm so hairy.. wat shall i do...
Laura: AAAhh u bushman!
Jess (bends neck towards clure): hmm
by Laura elizabeth April 26, 2006