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A series of rules that a fellow Bro must abide to unless given permission of the other bro. Rules that determine the on going bro code between you bro's, the handbook to a bro life.
The Bro Code:
Article 2.4 Bro's before Hoes
Article 4.9 One bro must never leave another bro behind
Article 1.4 A bro shall never have any relation with the other bro's ex girlfriend in no situation and no matter in what mental/phyisical state (only if the relationship was over 3 months (e.g., sex, kiss, dancing/grinding)

Article 3.3 A Bro should be able, at any time, to recite the following reigning champions: Super Bowl, World Series, and Playmate of the Year
Aricle 6.1 A Bro shall not sleep with another Bro's sister. However, a Bro shall not get angry if another Bro says, "Dude, your sisters hot!"
by The Bro's March 17, 2013
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THE BRO CODE (aka Golden Rules Of Manlieness)
Is the Rules/Guidlines to being a good BRO. its also considered a living document. like the constitution or the bill of rights. each including its own amendments and articles. there are many articles lost in time. there are many we still have. none of whicth are specifcly numbered. but we have a good idea. theres also side guidlines whicth can clarify meaning of some rules, also exceptions to some rules.
Sample Articles from the BRO CODE:

Article 1: Regardless of veracity, a Bro never admits familiarity with a Broadway show or musical.

Article 53: A Bro will, whenever possible, provide his Bro with prophylactic protection.

Article 57: A Bro may not speculate on the expected Bro / chick ratio of a party or venue without first disclosing the present-time observed ratio.
by Stefan855 September 24, 2010
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a 'code' follwed almost exclusivley by teenage boys.

a bro is always up for wingmanning
if your bro liked her first, back off ((this one shouldn't be followed if the female in question has feeling for the bro told to back off))
dont be an asshole
bros before hoes
dicks before chicks
bro, you broke the bro code!
by douchedick asshat April 02, 2013
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some made up shit that doesnt really matter because girls need attention
"dude follow the bro code"
"nah man my girl needs me"
by cock muncher 2112 November 02, 2018
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