The sexual act of sticking your middle and ring finger into a girls’ vagina while your thumb massages her clitoris like you were sticking your hand into a bowling ball.
Man Tom was good before, but when he gave me the bowler I just screamed strike.
by The Bowler June 24, 2007
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A fingerings technique where you put your thumb in the pink and your middle and ring finger in the stink making it look like how you hold a bowling ball
My girl wanted me to use The Shocker on her but I suprised her with The Bowler
by pudgy smuddler November 15, 2014
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A overweight, grotesque, beat up looking woman
Paul: 'Fuck off Murtagh!, im trying to get a ride off dis bowler!!'

Bowlers will be abused!
by bowler No.1 March 24, 2010
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Some who plays golf and doesn't get the ball in the air.
That guy thinks he's Tiger Woods, even though he's a bowler.
by hititlong February 03, 2006
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Small unnoticed town in Wisconsin. The people are self-centered and the girls are trash. Bowler is a textbook snake-pit. On a positive note, it isn't incest or a cult like Gresham.
Bowler is full of snakes.
by HonestlyAnonymous69 November 06, 2019
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Syllables: bowl·er·iz·er
Pronunciation: 'bO-l&r-I-z&r
Function: noun

1 : (Used mostly in continental European mix-mash British/American broken English) an eggregious braggart (usually a male), with a misplaced confidence in his sense of syle and a cocky swagger.

2 : a confidence man; a guileful salesman
a) "Stop being such a bowlerizer, and just be honest with me."

b) "Look at those bowlerizers with Beckham haircuts and Goodyear Adidas. Let's walk on the other side of the street from them."
by Aarontheeditor May 13, 2006
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Another term for "Baller" from a late rap song, "Ballin" as they almost sound like they are saying "bowlin." Also used to replace the earlier term of "Playa." Widely found in common usage in New Mexico areas.
Whats up bowler?

when the person you are talking to is in fact a baller
by Davey Dave September 05, 2007
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