A group of close, tryhard, like-minded friends, who are primarily male. The group often consists of one token female for diversity.
“Why do all the Bois have back problems?”
“Because they carry all of the classes they're in.”
by sammie2727 May 28, 2020
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A group of self-stylized young men or teenage boys. They like to share their exuberance for life and barely controlled testosterone through group activities. These strange bonding rituals are usually done in public, maybe in the hope of gaining the attention of a possible female sexual partner, but also to increasing their bravado and thus gain peer esteem. These displays usually include inane childish, and often dangerous activities and interactions. Replaces the now archaic "The Lads".
I'll be hanging with the Bois at the beach, checking the talent.
"Me n the Bois, chillin in the school office, waiting for the principal to arrive.
by steveieweavie February 21, 2020
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A group of good (usually all male) friends, but may include an LGBTQ+ person or female, but usually one if so. These groups are between 5-10 people, and are all somehow somewhat mentally stable. Only two probably don't have a future.
1: Hey, wanna hang out with all The Bois?
2: Yeah sure, where?
by nymffin December 31, 2020
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The people who will go to jail with you if your game chat gets leaked online.
I'm getting on with the bois now, come visit me in prison.
by joe is a cannibal March 8, 2021
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The bois are a group of men or teenage boys that are there for each other, the real bois will never choose a girl over the bois, there is often also one female in that group to spice things up.
by One of The Bois March 30, 2021
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Like "son" or "boy"... A tearm used for a close hommie or nigga.
Let's roll out boy boy...
by Killa Cam February 12, 2004
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Real talk. Serious talk. Usually between adolescent teenage boys. On occasion, "Boy to Boy" talk can be among grown men when trying to get each other's serious attention.
Example: You break your ankle jumping over a girl who you were trying to T bag. You scream to your buddy who is laughing and thinks you are kidding, "DUDE! Boy to Boy! I need to go to the ER!".
by prettyboy1000 September 6, 2016
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