"The Big One" is used to describe a big person in a small place that is accused of everything . Commonly associated with Avichay as a "Big One". Originally: "Shiur Anglit"
The big one constantly knocks into people with his immense size.

"Hey you, the big one. "
by Cool Bamb May 20, 2016
What one bites when one dies.
That dude is totally dead, he bit the big one.
by jcoffland May 10, 2010
A phrase used in NASCAR to describe a large crash at Daytona, or Talledega involving several cars. Usually caused by the restrictor plates on the cars keeping them bunched together, 3 or 4 across, 43 deep, untill one car in the front cuts down in front of another car to close, and spins out in front of the rest of the pack. The Big One usually has 5-10 cars involved but some have had up to 26.
Just look up "The Big One @ Daytona" and you will get a pretty good idea.
by Gamewizard September 30, 2009
The inevitable, spectacular, and sometimes fatal accident endured by almost every motorcycle at some point in their life while riding.
Did you hear about Derek? He's in a coma, he finally had The Big One.
by NoSquidding July 29, 2020
the best big brother ever even though he is also the biggest a-hole in the world...it is out of love...Also another way to differentiate between a Sr. Dad and a Jr. Son
Brain Sr. = The Big One
by Bubba69420 January 27, 2009
A massive fart released from the anus that may cause nauseousness.
Chad ripped a Big One in Kiersten's face while she was giving him his morning blow!
by SlopNChop November 26, 2016