The optimal method of doing something. It's the best possible plan/decision for the given situation; a good idea. It's the move.
Smuggling drinks into the movie theater is the beta.

"Damn Chris, these hot dogs really are the beta."

"Fuck bro, downing half a bottle of vodka the night before an exam was not the beta."
by dav32702 January 16, 2019
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A biological honor society found at many universities that can easily be confused with a frat.
A: What frat are you in again?
B: Beta Beta Beta
A: Oh shit! We've raged with them before! Where's your house at?
by Canigetthehoya? May 22, 2017
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A beta is a male who, instead of being alpha and manning up, completely bitches out. Can apply to many situations, but often refers to scenarios with women.
Guy 1: Bro, hook me up with that girl's friend
Guy 2: Fuck that. I'm going to double up with both of them. Stop being such a beta.
by TLSForever July 15, 2011
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A beta version of a program, game etc... is an unfinished version released to either the public a select few or whoever signs up to beta test it for bugs or glitches. A common mistake people make when talking about for exampl 'Msn beta' is they say 'better' instead of beta.
Windows is not exactly a beta test because instead of testing all the numerous bugs in the operating system they sell them :P.
by Theodore Robson January 9, 2006
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In Indian culture, it's used by usually aunty-ji's (older women) towards younger kids for almost any reason. Seriously.
Aunty-Ji: Beta, come over here!
Teen: What?
Aunty-Ji: You need to have lots of food so you can grow taller!
Teen: I'm already done with my growth spurt, Aunty. I'm also really full.

Aunty-Ji: Not on my watch!

*shoves some dosa down the teen's mouth*
by reehannaa May 25, 2017
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This can refer to many things, like the second letter of the greek alphabet, software in development, or a person.

In the case of a person, a beta male is submissive, clingy, indecisive, weakminded, and unconfident. He can't deal with confrontation or challenges. He lets things happen instead of taking action.

When it comes to women, he either sucks up to them and loses their respect, or is too afraid to pursue them. If he does get a girlfriend, he makes too many demands on her, and either drives her away or becomes locked into servitude. The hoverhand is one of the surest signs of a beta.

Overall, he is the opposite of an alpha male.
Did you see him spam that girl's facebook page full of messages without getting a response? That was really beta.
by Xcalibur201 November 28, 2014
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1. A Beta is a possition in a wolf pack, lower than the Alpha but higher ranking then the Omega.
2. Mostly used in fanfictions, a Beta is someone who can mate with anyone else, Alpha, Beta, or Omega.
1. The wolf in the Beta position is not allowed to run the pack as it is not the alpha.
2. I am a Beta and I really like that (Beta, Omega, or Alpha) over there, I'm going to go talk to them.
by ASLwasabi May 27, 2017
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