A comic book based on British-australian actor rapper junior grimes (J grimes). Yes the arrogant douchebag internet kid. Though the book isn’t that bad as it follows a supposedly fictionalized version of junior grimes as he becomes the real life batman to solve the murder of a japanese prostitute which leads him to a cover up conspiracy tied to the mafia and an entire corrupt police department.

Though if one didn’t know any better they’d call it a batfleck love letter fanfiction since only junior would be obsessed enough to write stories about Ben afflecks batman.

The batman jr grimes (2018) is a graphic novel about celebrity junior grimes becoming the real life batman and involving himself in the plot of a real life comic book. Pretty good tbh 10/10
Nerd 1: omg Michael keaton is the greatest Batman

Nerd 2: pff in your dreams it’s obviously christian bale

Group of girls: omg you guys are so lame , junior grimes is the best batman outta all of em!

Fan: what’s your fav batman book?

Kevin Smith: the batman jr grimes
by Unusually late June 16, 2021
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AN INCREDIBLE READ! Definitely recommended

A graphic novel based on junior grimes; an arrogant celebrity who becomes the the real life batman as he embarks on a mission to avenge the murder of a japanese prostitute which leads him to a cover up conspiracy tied to the mafia and an entire corrupt police force.

The story is set in real life which makes its more exciting rather than just another pointless batman reboot/fanfic....

It’s essentially a character piece with neo noir inspirations tied to it and focuses on the darkness of this protagonist who is mentally ill and becomes this heroic figure by mistake as he uses the batman outfit as an excuse to relieve his power and rage.

Because In the age of endless reboots and sequels, this comic becomes necessary to captivate the audience to what seems like DCs answer to spiderman into the spiderverse, mind you not the part about alternate batmen but a story that celebrates what it means to be Batman and a boy who looks up to his hero.

The batman jr grimes (2019) is possibly the most original take on a fictional character EVER which is why comic fans and general audiences alike can enjoy this compelling crime thriller that just so happens to include Batman in it.

the batman jr grimes is like godfather meets kick ass meets spiderverse meets well, whatever it equals this masterpiece of a batman story
The batman jr grimes is the answer to what fans ask for a violent batfleck story” - comicbookfans.com

“ The most exciting Batman related entry so far...takes everything you know of Batman and brings a level of originality unmatched by current iterations of the character, instead of a reboot we get a significant story on the meaning of what it means to be batman. The batman jr grimes TRULY IS SPECTACULAR” - DCfandom.com

God: name the greatest comic book of all time

Person: the batman jr grimes

God: attaboy
by Redditors are cancer June 17, 2021
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the batman jr Grimes is a badass take on the DC comics character where it takes artist license and goes in a different direction to what your used to seeing.

A batman so violent you’d think he’s the son of batfleck. this comic book is truly something else anyone who likes comics and batman MUST GIVE IT A READ!!!!!!!

the batman jr grimes (2019) is a graphic novel starring actor junior grimes where he becomes the real life batman

One man dresses up as his favorite superhero (batman) and takes on the mafia and the entire corrupt police department in his city in order to solve the murder of a japanese prostitute which is being covered up for some strange reason.

Unlike endless batman reboots *cough* (robert pattinson the batman) this is a fresh take and gives fans what they’ve been waiting years for; a violent batman solo story with enough realism and originality to be taken seriously.

That’s right, no aliens no gods or monsters just a gritty crime thriller whilst also focusing on the main protagonists (junior grimes) psychological turmoil.

A compelling crime thriller that transcends its own genre featuring “batman” sums up the batman jr grimes.

11/10 is what I’d rate it.

Matt reeves batman is trying something similar to this I hear, good luck living up to this masterpiece.
*batman being rebooted*

Robert pattinson: I’m vengeance

Fans: this isn’t what we wanted

Junior grimes: I’m the REAL DEAL....

Fans; *pee their pants in excitement*

Girls: yes you are daddy ;)

Robert pattinson: .......

Matt reeves: alright guys name your fav batman stor

LITERALLY Everyone: the batman jr grimes!!!!!!
by Mister fixer June 20, 2021
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Released in 2018. the batman jr grimes is A compelling crime thriller comic book following celebrity junior grimes as he uncovers a conspiracy of a murdered japanese hooker tied to the mafia and an entire corrupt police force, and the best part about this book is he does all this while dressed up as the batman.

Moral of the story is that if you’ve got what it takes to become the batman and your insane enough then to go for it ! But this book is set in the real world so don’t expect any aliens or gods but rather drugs, sex trafficking and bloody mobster killings.

This is a batman story unlike anything else and anybody that hates superheroes MUST GIVE THIS A READ!!!!!!
Criminal: *raping a young woman*

Junior Grimes batman: *shows up*

Criminal: who tf are you supposed to be man???

Junior Grimes Batman: I’m the real deal

Criminal: ....

*batman proceeds to murder criminal*

The Batman jr grimes IS a violent batman comic book starring actor junior grimes
by Wicked whiskers June 29, 2021
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a graphic novel that lies somewhere between realism from the nolan batman films and the comic booky ness of arkham batman.

Story where a famous actor becomes the real life batman whom also happens to be mentally ill and uses the suit as an excuse to let loose his violent nature against the mob and police as this batman is on a case to avenge the death of a japanese prostitute.

best comic anyone’s read in DECADES
The Batman Jr Grimes is about a young batman who’s violent and inexperienced yet mentally ill enough to do it all despite it taking place in the real world.

Batjune: I’m the real deal
by Condom creators October 18, 2021
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Comic book based on British actor junior grimes who becomes the real life batman to solve the murder of a japanese prostitute which leads him to a cover up conspiracy tied to the mafia and entire corrupt police force.

Went viral online after only 2 months, considered the greatest fan made batman related work EVER.

a violent graphic novel serving as a metaphor for endless batman reboots as well as what it truly takes to be the batman, (ie. mental illness, insanity and the willpower to keep going)

rumored to have been seen by ben affleck
The batman (jr grimes) is the dark knight of Batman fan made stories but to call it “fan made” would be insulting to it.

The batman (jr grimes) was released in 2019
by Misfired December 3, 2021
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