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a graphic novel that lies somewhere between realism from the nolan batman films and the comic booky ness of arkham batman.

Story where a famous actor becomes the real life batman whom also happens to be mentally ill and uses the suit as an excuse to let loose his violent nature against the mob and police as this batman is on a case to avenge the death of a japanese prostitute.

best comic anyone’s read in DECADES
The Batman Jr Grimes is about a young batman who’s violent and inexperienced yet mentally ill enough to do it all despite it taking place in the real world.

Batjune: I’m the real deal
by Condom creators October 18, 2021
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The Forbidden One is the single most important figure in all human history. Those who know don’t say, and those who say, don’t know. Though origins are typically unknown there are theories as to what the forbidden one TRULY IS, it’s up for speculation tbh

he says “I don’t pray, you pray to me. I don’t ask for mercy, people ask me”

He’s a product of his environment, he’s many origins and names. People created him involuntarily and he apologizes for nothing since he’s merely being himself

Soon will release an unholy text called “the bibble” which reveals the word of the forbidden one. One that rivals the Bible, quran and Torah , even if those books are somewhat correct, so is the bibble as well as it unearths more unknown knowledge and truths from different POV

He’s not evil. He doesn’t brainwash others, nor does he cheat others and never hurts animals but he WILL MOST DEFINITELY do whatever it takes to win and accomplish his goals, he’s more of a chaotic neutral anti villain

Known under his name, “the master of the unknown”, “father of nightmares”, and “the prince of chaos”, etc

THE FORBIDDEN ONE is a terrifying force of nature created from itself

One can not learnt he secrets of the unknown without knowing the forbidden one, to put it lightly

The Forbidden One SIMPLY IS, and does as IS
by Condom creators October 18, 2021
Wolverine + SoundCloud rapper = junior grimes (j grimes)
J grimes was a SoundCloud that moved on to ACTUALLY making music even though he’s more of a rockstar

J grimes is a british rapper that puts every US rapper to shame with his malicious rhymes

J grimes © music
by Condom creators October 18, 2021
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Junior created himself

Junifer IS A DEVIL but whether or not he IS the ACTUAL ONE is open to interpretation. He is as far as you believe that he is. Junior is beneath the low, the underground (meaning that he’s symbolizes the lower nature of man) and most likely considered a legend and the question continues to this day what exactly his connection to Satan is. there’s no true evidence to prove that he IS but also there’s NO PROOF that he IS NOT.

Junifer Morningsnout by nature is aware, logical and ignorant of false morality and human “ethics” and answers to himself as well as being the master of his own destiny so it’s easy to see why he’s satan and many Philosophers argue that there can be “many satans” but the idea of “satan” is mostly ideas and symbolism, but that’s NOT to say that there isn’t one ACTUAL satan so it’s highly possible that junifer morningsnout IS THE FIRST ACTUAL representation of THAT VERY IDEA/symbolism.

Junifer Morningsnout is a force of chaos and philosophical solution created by himself.

And somewhere along the lines he manifested himself into human form, as “chaos incarnate”
Junifer Morningsnout is the master of the unknown.

Girl 1; men are all the same

Girl 2: I know right?

Junifer Morningsnout: well most men aren’t me

Girl 1&2: *speechless* *drools over Junifer**
by Condom creators October 19, 2021
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Mtndewguy100 ?

a youtuber who makes stop motion videos and offensive content, nothing overboard but neither family friendly. Suspected of being darnell grimes but no evidence

should’ve disappeared for good but somehow resurfaced in 2018 to continue making videos
Mtndewguy100: omg batman and wolverine are soooo kool

The internet: ugh, you’re so annoying
by Condom creators October 18, 2021
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Juniors right hand guy, his assistant and trusted partner who likes feet.

King junior and willy (mort) are a duo even though mort is the brains on 99% of their activities and projects, whereas king junior is the face and just there to show off.

Aka “willybone” or wendy.

Little boy who’s junior Grimes’ professional associate
Wendybone is king juniors mort

King junior is NOTHING without mort

Wendybone (mort)
by Condom creators October 18, 2021
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