A pejorative nickname for Auburn University, particularly its sports program. Used because of Auburn's notable on-campus agricultural development programs and because the the word "Barn"s both sounds and is but one letter away from the word "Burn"
"So, what's the deal with recruiting?"

"Oh, The Barn just got bagged their first guy."

"Come on, really? He must like planting."
by JT Jag August 7, 2007
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When playing the card game euchre and one team has obtained nine tricks or points, one teammate does the following:

1. announce to opponents and partner "Dude! we're in the barn!"
2. balance the scorecards on ears (one on each)
3. link fingers together and outstretch hands with thumbs facing down, thus allowing their teammate across to "milk" his/her thumbs
4. both teammates moo similtaneously
"Dude we're in the barn!"

"Fuck, my ears are too small to balance the cards"
"Oh well..."
by Chelse :-* November 29, 2005
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A feeling of passion and love for Auburn University (AL). Usually a feeling possed by Auburn fans (Barners). Barning is also commonly felt by a majority of sports fans after Auburn wins the Iron Bowl.
The entire country was barning after Auburn's Kick Six victory over Alabama.
by Barner Bruce April 26, 2020
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Hard working, loyal, and unable to break. Stays in the spotlight even when the electricty is out. You can find only a few so it is rare to even know of a Barnings. Men Barnings's are more rare than woman but when you find a man look up he will be tall. Barnings take pride in the fact there are few of them so don't plan on knowing one to long.
Man that Barnings sure did hit the nail on the head. Damn that Barnings is a monster look at him work. Hey "What" have you ever seen a Barnings. "No" have you ever seen a leprechaun?
by Don Appomattox September 13, 2012
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A gracious human bieng with big heart and thick skin. A brave warrior on or off a battle ground. A man complete for existence or a man too never forget.
The barnes raidered the field as we stood back to back and fought our way to freedom
by vikbjorn May 25, 2008
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Derives from the scandanavian and the viking origin surname of beorn and bjorn or bjarni Meaning bear and related to the norse legend "The Saga of Hrolf Kraki". They have warrior listic attitudes or other wise known to run a muck or go beserk if pressured. Barnes also has another meaning of bairn which means they have child like behaviour or was used to describe a young man who was in line for knighthood and who was expected to prove his suitability for that distinction.
Barnes and the Armstrong surname may share the same lineage.
Barnes is berrin up stand back.
He towered over me when I thought he was volatile like a barnes.
Dont fuck with tha barnes he'll get even.
slaying a dragon is a job for barnes
prevail will happen if a barnes is knighted
by vikbjorn May 25, 2008
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one who latches on to someone superior to them (the hull)
short for barnacle
can also describe an opponent easily beaten.
thanks, barn, for the bye.
that barn gave him everything he needed for PTNO
by Xian November 14, 2003
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