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A person that does something amazing but another gets the credit. An Icelandic slang named after Bjarni Herjólfsson , the first known european to site America, but Lief Ericksen and Chris Colombus get all the credit. prounounced jar ni
Many think Milton wrote some of Shakespears plays and is a bjarni
by ernie theurer March 10, 2008
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The rarest and most exotic name of all times. The name Bjarni is also used in our daily lives, To describe ultimate satisfaction or to describe someone who really cares and likes to save someone pixels.. Also one of the best pkers in all of Runescape A MMORPG
If only i had the name Bjarni... I just bjarni'd in my pants.. You are such a bjarni *hug*. Timmy, if you train enough one day you might become as good as that Bjarni.
by saeringarmadurinn January 12, 2010
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buy the domain for your travel vlog
"hi, are you apple the sticky, fquist, yes don`t ban me, jessie smith is king of wackers!!! Lol, but buy me, he won`t as long as I'm not in charge like FQuist says I can't be! :-#

it`s illegal! STFU! were all alone, you comes with me! :-D
by [GpW]NinjA November 07, 2003
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A sufferer of Autism, and a speaker of extremely poor English. Is often teased for his lack of an ability to understand and speak English properly. Also happens to be extremely hilarious.
Do you come from Japan, China or something country in Africa! You looks brown!
by iCeD September 24, 2003
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