When a guy is going down on a girl. She yells "HEIL HITLER!" then she farts and hold the blankets down on his head so he cant get out. Gas Chamber.
I don't think I'll be going out with Maureen again. She took me on a trip to The Auschwitz and I threw up all over my new sheets.
by oofle April 2, 2015
When you are riding with a car load of Jewish friends, lock all windows and doors and then you release a silent and extremely foul smelling fart. Preferably the fart stems was built up with a German based meal...I.e. Brats, weiner schnitzel, sauerkraut
Dude, I totally got Ari, Jonah, and Josh with The Auschwitz

Fart Jewish jew crop dusting dutch oven car fart
by ponzi_joe December 31, 2015
When you burp whilst wearing a face mask and you gas yourself out
*burp* "Oh god, I've just gave myself The Auschwitz"
by Jim'llFixIt October 12, 2020
You built Auschwitz on our minecraft server?! I was gonna build a fucking farm or something and you built AUSCHWITZ!
Pole: I hate you!
German: To auschwitz you go!
by Mrcrispycat October 6, 2021
Somewhere that has swimming pools, post offices, rabbit breeding, greenhouses, horse grooming, orchestras, libraries, a currency, hospitals, dentists, theatres, opera houses, cinemas, religious facilities, sports facilities, soccer fields, sport teams, saunas, artist studios, complaint offices, maternity wards, and much much more.
Auschwitz was pretty much impossible to survive in.
a great place

It has public showers and everything
person 1: Yo I love Auschwitz

Jew: Ew
A german death camp, Used in WWII for killing and torturing jews, many jews died in gas cahmbers and other methods
Aldof hitler is fuckign sick, He killed so many jews in auschwitz death camp
by AC September 25, 2003