Band from england, awesome music asshole band members
"dude did you see that interview with the Arctic Monkeys?"

"Yeah man those guys make great songs but they are assholes!"
by Carson Wham August 5, 2008
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Arctic Monkeys are a british indie rock band. They consist of alex turner(singer ),matt helders(drummer),jamie cook(lead guitarist)nick 'o malley(bass).They have 4 albums and all the albums have gone to no 1 in the UK charts. Their latest album suck it and see beat lady gaga's album born this way and went to no 1. Suck it and see has already won the best album of the year 2011 in mojo awards and it has gotten many good reviews and is being claimed as the best album of the year 2011 My friend: Bro how awesome is suck it and see
Me: Its awesome album has great songs like the piledriver waltz, hellcat spangled shalala, love is a laserquest, reckless serenade and more
Arctic Monkeys
by kylesalmon October 17, 2011
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A indie rock band, known for their 2013 album AM, & songs like “Do I wanna know? & “Why’d you only call me when your high?”

a great band you should really listen to ;)
person 1: hey! whatcu listening to?
person 2: a cool little rock band called Arctic Monkeys, you should give them a listen!
person 1: i may have heard of them before, arent one of their songs “do i wanna know?”
person 2: yeah! but they have some other great hits also!!
by morganxadams February 20, 2020
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The biggest thing to come out of sheffield since...steel. Are soon becoming the next 'big' thing. See beatlemania

they tell it like it is:-mardy bum/scummy/a certain romance

totally packed out the tent at leeds '05
"...and just cos he's had a couple of cans, he thinks its allright to act like a dickhead"

person A> arctic monkeys rock
person B> yeah, best get!

by D Lancaster September 19, 2005
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The species of monkey, that originates from the Arctic (and Sheffield). They rock the british-new-music-scene’s socks off
Jesus: Arctic monkeys rock!
by je5u5 October 2, 2005
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