1. A British expression used in terms of trying out something you haven't tried before

2. A really nice Arctic Monkeys album
1. Looks like they have a new grapefruit flavored macaron at the bakery. Let's suck it and see!

2. Man, Suck It and See has to be my favorite Arctic Monkeys album
by Tako#2739 July 13, 2021
an exceptionally rude thing to say to another, particularly if the receiving party is of better social rank.

would also be a killer tattoo to get one's cawk.
professor: "i asked for a 25 page research paper, yours is only 14 and half of it is just pie charts. Do you really think this is up to university standard?"

student: "well suck it and see"

prostitute: "what's that supposed say on your dick?"

john: "'suck it and see' bitch!"
by Andy Cameron April 24, 2004
When a person asks a stupid question or you give a person an answer they don't like.

Jhill: I duno why don't you, SUCK IT AND SEE.

by JIMMH KOTU September 24, 2007
Charming British expression referring to trying out something untested or kind of unknown. It's really a metaphor - the new thing is like a boiled sweet, the uknown consequences are the flavour, so you "suck it and see"!
"Shit fella, I'm not so sure about these shiny pants. They look pretty gay."
"No worries mate - suck it and see. You might get lucky".
by Satandog March 14, 2006