The act of having intercourse with a girl who is so thin that the pressure causes an outward bulge to appear from her stomach.
"That chick I banged was so slim, I thought The Alien was gunna pop out of her and attack me!"
by Andrew April 09, 2007
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A sexual maneuver, in which a female/male is in the process of giving oral pleasure, and has to almost unhinge her jaw in order to her her lips around the males penis.
Dude the other night my girlfriend had to do the alien in order to get my dick in her mouth!
by mrrwbrown November 27, 2013
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A group of physical unknown beings who are not originally from The Solar System who Humans would fraudulently disguise their existence, tricking the general public of their whereabouts to imprison as many species possible on Planet Earth, and Planet Mars making it appear they were able to kill people if encountered. This was a blatant media lie, they were not in the Solar system to attack living beings.

They say these beings would observe, and do research on Humans like autopsies during planetary visits to study and make Human contact.

On Jan. 2015, their existence was finally revealed worldwide, and Humanity killed itself because of the fear God wasn't real anymore was the ventriloquist spoken government fake outer world concept forced.

This led to the downfall of The Human Race in future years to come. All world government still deny their existence scientifically to current date, while Humans continue to also deny their communication contact in the 21st century.
An Alien is a being who flies a UFO, and has an ability to help develop a species, but Humans on Planet Earth always attacked these types of benevolent groups to gain their powers and abilities without their permission or blessings like the U.S. military did in Roswell,NM during 1947.
by Kent C. July 05, 2021
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People from outerspace. Generally peace loving and wise, they've come to Earth because we've got velcro and they love that shit
I've got some Aliens living in my basement
by Quicksand Jesus May 02, 2004
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Far out dudes that love some good kush. Can be often seen flyin around in their saucerz stoned af looking for some dank weed that humans crop. Their language consists of 'Ayy' and "lmao' said in varying lengths and tones.
Bro 1: Yo dude I'm so high I'm talking to aliens
Bro 2: Nah man they're trying to steal your joint
by Lusturr October 28, 2016
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1. In terrestrial terms, those who come from another country, a.k.a. immigrant.

2. Usually refers to any being that isn't from the planet earth, a.k.a. extraterrestrials (E.T.)
by Loki August 04, 2003
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Something that stupid people say don't exist
Out of over 1 billion planets in the universe I would think more than one has aliens on it.
by Spikesy July 18, 2006
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