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When a male who is undergoing oral sex, evacuates the mouth, turns around and cocks his penis. Upon turning back around he ejaculates into her eye or the general vicinity, and then slams a ten dollar bill (the bill which Alexander Hamilton is pictured) into her eye as well so that it pastes in place. He then walks out (or more likely runs away) never to return again.

Warning: the greater level of investment devoted to the female counterpart will require a greater investment in the disappearance. Best used during a one night stand, or as a means for a morning after evacuation.
friend 1: Did you break it off with Angela?
friend 2: Sort of.
friend 1: What does that mean?
friend 2: I gave her "The Aaron Burr" and got the hell out of there.
friend 1: Do you think you'll see her again?
friend 2: I actually bought a bus ticket for Vermont. Let me know when it's safe to return.
by Rex Der January 12, 2011
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