What Paris Hilton said when she first saw an erect penis.
That's huge! How is it ever going to fit?
by billthecat June 11, 2009
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A person in receipt of a hug.

A Hugee receives a hug from a huger. The huger and the hugee are of equal importance to a hug.

In some cases a hug can be comprised of two hugers but a hug would not be achieved if there were only hugees.
He was a great hugee.
by Hugee January 29, 2013
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"How was he?"
by LewieD August 25, 2007
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the new word paris hilton uses; replacing her old expression, "that's hot"
Paris- "Omg, Kathy Griffin, that dress is so huge."
Kathy Griffin- "What the fuck is huge?"
by bbycakes29 July 18, 2009
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The act of keeping others warm with your huge body. Usually without clothing and typically in cold weather.
Mikey didn't have a sweater in the middle of winter, so Aaron stripped down and the hair from his bear-like torso provided ample warmth. It was a weekend of huging.
by Mindreign December 11, 2018
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An adjective used to describe things that are epic, powerful, motivational, awe-inspiring, or amazing.
Ned: Oh gosh, look at that sunset.
Betsy: Woah, its huge!

Jim: Did you hear that breakdown?
Frank: Yeah, it was soooooo huge!

Samuel: do you see those sun rays coming through the clouds?
Henry: Yeah, oh my god, it looks like heaven.
Samuel: youre right, its huge!
by dem Mead boyzz February 23, 2007
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Huge is a very useful adjective, used to describe almost everything and anything. It can have completly opposite connotations, it can mean, you're awesome! or you're gross! eeeh? eeehhhhhh?? In conclusion, HUGE is the word of the century!
You are HUUUUGE!
This world is HUGELY retarded!
Ashling is HUGE!
by top secret September 15, 2003
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