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This is a saying used when someone says or does something extremely stupid or obvious. It came from the show "Workaholics". When someone does or says something as above, the person who says "that's a chop" is allowed to karate chop the back of their necks. The harshness of said chop depends on the action or words of the receiver. It comes in many forms.
Family pack - everyone in the room is allowed to chop the receiver
Hardies - hard chop
Softies - soft chop (when it wasn't too stupid or obvious)
Selfie - receivers chips themself
Carlos: "Wasn't the song 'Oops I Did It Again' by that blond girl? What's her name? Britney Spears."

Mike: "No shit, Sherlock. That's a chop. No selfies."

Carlos: "Softies, man."
by kayzazzy April 07, 2015
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used when someone says a statement that makes no sence or is extremly stupid or most likely obvious
kwame said that's a chop when jeremy said today was monday when it was thursday
by XxMagnific3ntxX May 18, 2007
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This is something you say to someone when they do or say something extremely stupid. If someone does or says something stupid you say "thats a chop" and karate chop the back of their neck. The strength of the chop depends on how stupid the words or actions of the person was.
Nick: "Totally did not do my homework last night. Yolo!"
Jon: "Thats a chop"
by Dr.Chopper December 01, 2012
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